About me

Learning is my passion.

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by electronic equipment. Fun fact: the clock on my grandmother’s VCR (who remembers these??) would only show the proper time when I came to visit because I loved resetting the time after power outages. My curiosity has only grown since then. I like to learn anything – new topics, getting creative, doing things with my hands, or applying my mind. I love diving deep on photography, music, sewing, and fixing things!

When I graduated with my electrical and telecommunications degree, I began my career on consulting for power generation in Brazil. I loved learning about clean energy and how to apply wind and solar power to our projects. I also enjoyed the relationships I built with our clients and helping them shorten paths within the national beaurocracy. One of my favorite challenges was navigating the application of agricultural biproducts as inputs to power stations, especially when we were able to provide electricity to remote areas that had never been connected to the grid.

But I was ready for something new. In 2019 I moved my family across the Atlantic, landing in Portugal to expand my horizons, networks, and life experiences. I am so happy to share this adventure with my kids, exposing them to new experiences beyond Brasília, and using the opportunity to rediscover myself.

Data Science was also on the radar for a while, aligned with my curiosity, passion for learning and my love for math. The more I became familiar with data, the more inspired I am by how it is already applied and its untapped potential. As I complete my masters degree on the subject, I am pursuing social projects and those that are using data and processes to help businesses to grow and reach different audiences, specially the ones that imply modeling and business application, data analysis and feature engineering. I want to use my experience and knowledge to give back to community, and I’ve started by co-hosting a podcast that helps aspiring data scientists to explore the opportunities of the field. I am looking forward to connecting with experts in the area, learning from their experiences, and telling their stories to a wider audience.

tl;dr: Data, Community, Learning!